George Sloan Bio

George has over 25 years of practical experience in marketing research in the United States, as well as having worked in London for a year for Research Services Ltd. He was educated in electrical engineering in England and emigrated to the US in 1979. After an early career in the recording business, he changed paths and became a marketing researcher. He continued his education in marketing and marketing research at UCLA and now specializes in qualitative research.


His experience managing a focus group facility, on the West Coast, gave him practical experience in many different research methodologies, as well as giving him strong experience in the fielding of qualitative research. He is able to communicate easily with any type of respondent, from chief executive officer to small business owner, from adult consumer to teenage consumer.


He works both domestically in the US, and internationally, in the consumer and business-to-business fields, with a bias towards the business-to-business field.


He has conducted qualitative research on a wide variety of issues and subject areas.