Our philosophy

No matter if you’re marketing mouthwash or machine tools, the basic reason you’re in business is to fill a need. And it stands to reason that the better you understand your customers and their needs, the better your chances of success in the marketplace. The more you know about the customer’s thought process, the more likely you are to make a sale. And when a customer’s perceptions clash with your reality, perception will win every time – because a customer’s perception is reality. Sets of demographics don’t have needs – people do. For it’s people who make buying decisions. So while mass demographics are important, they don’t help you get closer to understanding the people who buy. ¬†At Customer Strategy, we call it, “Seeing the world through your customers’ eyes.” That means we work as part of your team in getting behind what people say, behind their rationalizations, to understand what they mean. Providing information which is both pertinent and actionable in helping you keep one step ahead of your competition. Armed with an understanding of your strategies, our role is to act as a bridge between you and your market – and the people who constitute it. And we do so by asking the right questions… and then listening very, very carefully, with a trained ear, to what people have to say. And interpreting those answers into strategic directions.