Role as an advisor

Our understanding of the relationship between you, our client, and ourselves is that we have been hired to help you understand the world through your customers’ eyes. With that in mind, we will conduct qualitative research that will let you hear some consumers and their point of view. From the information shared by these consumers participating in this project, we will report back to you the view of the world through their eyes.

Furthermore, we assume that you have hired us as consultants to do more than just report the events and activities of the project. We assume that you want us to use our extensive knowledge and experience of speaking with a broad range of consumers to interpret the discussions we will have on your behalf and offer you some informed recommendations as to directions you might want to investigate or think about further.

We always like to remind clients that qualitative research is directional in nature only and as such, we recommend that you quantify any marketing recommendations we make and certainly digest them from your advantageous position of having superior knowledge of your category and particularly your brand and its equity.