What we do for you

We basically listen. And listen intently.

Then we challenge consumer beliefs and try to get to the core of what they are telling us. We want to understand why they do what they do.

We use qualitative research to develop the hypotheses and quantitative research to test those hypotheses. In our qualitative research, we conduct focus groups or in-depth interviews (in person, online or on the telephone), ethnography, shopping trips with the consumer, whatever it takes to get a full understanding of what is important to them and what it is like for them to be a consumer. And we go all over the world to do it.

In our quantitative research, we have partners that work with you to get you the statistical evidence you need.

In our qualitative research we will listen for contradictions they might have and try to understand them. We will challenge respondents in groups to explain their incongruities. We want to go beyond accepting what is said at face value.